Join the KIWL Peloton!  The 30-rider riding machine representing six countries shall again make the 500km trek north with the aim of raising 5.5 Million JPY. The goal is to support O.G.A. for Aid  "Place To Grow" project.The objective of ''Place to Grow'' is to establish an educational space in Tohokuwith a focus on agriculture for younger generations to learn about the farming process,encouraging them to remain in the region, create employment, and build a long-term sustainable business.

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How does humanitarian aid support survivors after a major disaster or crisis?
We are focused on Identifying Solutions.  Our tactics allow us as first responders, to directly engage with survivors and facilitate on-going support --directly to community leaders and for the devastated community to draw on as they rebuild through the phases of recovery and revitalization.



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2015, First Quarter Update



I am an individual

I want to help implement recovery strategies for disaster and crisis survivors. To campaign so that the voices of those who would otherwise get left behind can be heard.  




As an 
International School

 After a disaster, many families get left behind. By engaging our schools community, we want to support these survivors immediate and long-term recovery.


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As  a

 As a business, we want to support disaster and crisis recovery by engaging our employees in effective humanitarian aid. The Corporate-NPO alliance provides the opportunity for long-term, empowering recovery projects.

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Local Government

 We want to develop sustainable Communitiy Renewal Projects for surviving communities. Immediately empowereing the survivors to rebuild as directly and quickly as possible is paramount. Strong NPO-Local Government collaborations help implement disaster preparadness, education and management strategies before hand.

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O.G.A for Aid - Community and Economic  Rehabilitation

We are currently supporting survivors in temporary housing areas, local residential areas and businesses. We provide access to and /or cheap food, water and daily essential supplies to the now low income communities of Minamisanriku. It is our sincere wish to assist in bringing back the lifestyle survivors once had, and their sense of "family" and "home". Recovery support essentially means establishing a long term support system from which local residents and victims of the disaster may use to regain their lives and livelihoods. Projects which fill the gaps in their situation and support both the local economy and socially foster new community rebuilding.
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Community Revitalization

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Tohoku Distribution

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Economic Rehabilitation

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