500 KM Cycle Ride Report by Rob Williams

donate buttonThanks to the Knights in White Lycra over 5 million JPY was 
raised to support building a vegetable processing factory.
(see photos here)
We need to raise 300,000yen to help farmers with the July - August harvest season.
Extra hands are needed on the fields this summer so please donate what you can.
Just 5,000 jpy can allow us to offer training and a summer job to a local resident of MSR

hiroshima assesment oga for aid

Economic Enhancement
Community Revitalization
emmergency relief 200

On Spirit, One Team, One win

Trevor Alllen

trevor allen

Interview with Trevor Allen

O.G.A. for Aid is a non-profit, public operating foundation, dedicated to assisting disaster survivors through education and business revitalization.

Based out of Miyagi Ken, with offices in Tokyo and Aomori, it is made up of individuals from Tohoku, Tokyo & foreigners from around the world.

Field officers work on the ground with emergency supplies distribution and build trusting relations with the locals to help them determine short term and long-term goals.

Over 40 projects and support initiatives have been implemented to date in the Tohoku region.

Operations are currently on going in Japan and the Philippines.

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Minamisanriku Christmas Ball 2013, by O.G.A. for Aid