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O.G.A. for Aid is a non-profit, public operating foundation, dedicated to assisting disaster survivors through education and business revitalization.

Based out of Miyagi Ken, with offices in Tokyo and Aomori, it is made up of individuals from Tohoku, Tokyo & foreigners from around the world.

Field officers work on the ground with emergency supplies distribution and build trusting relations with the locals to help them determine short term and long-term goals.

Over 40 projects and support initiatives have been implemented to date in the Tohoku region.

Operations are currently on going in Japan and the Philippines.

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500 km cycle ride for Japanese Tsunami Survivors

In May 2014, the Knights in White Lycra will cycle 465kms from Tokyo to Minamisanriku raising funds to build a small vegetable factory in the area, providing jobs and a sustainable future. 


465Km Cycle riders


Dear Friends of O.G.A. For Aid,
O.G.A. For Aid支援者の皆様へ、日本語は、英語の後にございます。

Tohoku is currently facing an ongoing critical situation. Disaster relief aid that depended heavily on financial donations can provide disaster victims only so much, and there are still many parts of Tohoku that desperately need relief aid.

Click on this link below for directions on how to help

Save The Farm

To provide relief aid that does not rely on subsidies or donations, O.G.A. For Aid and the local residents must work together to create a "self-sustaining economic system." Moreover, we must launch a new industry to make this system work.

O.G.A. For Aid would like to introduce our updated farming project "Green Farmers Miyagi", which could create a "self-sustaining relief aid" to the residents of Minamisanriku in Tohoku. O.G.A. For Aid would like to start with this Green Farmers Miyagi project and apply this project model for the future expansion of relief aid throughout Tohoku.

Click on this link below for directions on how to help


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Minamisanriku Christmas Ball 2013, by O.G.A. for Aid