How does humanitarian aid support survivors after a major disaster or crisis?

We are focused on Identifying Solutions. Our tactics allow us as first responders, to directly engage with survivors and facilitate on-going support - directly to community leaders and for the devastated community to draw on as they rebuild through the phases of recovery and revitalization.

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O.G.A. for Aid's 5th annual Holiday Party in Minamisanriku is just a month away! Please help us bring smiles and warm messages to the children in Tohoku. For this year's Christmas event, Kinki Nippon Tourist has organized 2 tour packages (Dec. 12-13) for interested volunteers [...Read more]

O.G.A for Aid

Volunteering can be a big investment of your time but it can be a life changing experience that brings you new skills, new outlooks on life, a renewed self confidence, an appreciation for what you have and also new friends.

Mayor Sato Jin of Minamisanriku-cho commented “When you see the smiles of local people at O.G.A's events, you know the reason why you continue. So if you can, always remember for whom you are doing what you do".


Our team has also discovered that this sense of responsibility and feeling of value that we get as volunteers by giving back –it doesn’t just apply to us - it is how survivors recover.

When we bring that energy to the survivors of the disaster in Tohoku - by continuing to be there for them when the attention of the world has moved on - we become a catalyst for passing on that inspiration and can-do attitude to the community when it matters most.

Creating Awareness
The biggest fear we hear from survivors is: “Don’t forget us.” We can remind them they are not forgotten.
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